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Fauna Spotter Catcher Services

Land clearing operations in Queensland are governed by legislation at the local, state and federal levels. Often a projects developmental approval will be conditional upon the management of potentially displaced fauna by qualified wildlife ecologists. Our skilled ecological team hold all the required permits, qualifications and expertise to deliver compliance through industry best practice impact mitigatory measures.

Keystone Fauna Management has extensive experience in vertebrate ecology within Australian ecosystems across all faunal groups. We are equipped to provide comprehensive fauna management for projects of any scope – from the assessment of a single tree to large-scale multifaceted land clearing operations. 

Central to our service is best practice fauna care, meeting project timeframes and ensuring a safe, enjoyable work environment for all site personnel. We believe that targeted well-implemented fauna management should not impede construction targets but operate alongside them, resulting in the timely delivery of a premium product.

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Native Wildlife Management

General fauna spotter catcher service to effectively manage Australia's unique wildlife during land clearing  

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Targeted EVNT Management

Targeted specific management for endangered, vulnerable and near-threatened species

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Koala Spotter

Expert Koala spotters to identify and manage Koala and the felling of Koala food trees

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