Koala Spotters

Koala are both a vulnerable listed species and have their highest population concentrations within SE Qld - one of our fastest growing regions nationally. As the clearing of suitable habitat and the continued loss of habitat linkages during urban expansion are the single biggest threats to Koala the targeted management of this iconic species is strongly legislated. 

Within SE QLD (Koala district A) the state government have identified and listed all Koala habitat areas in which suitably qualified Koala Spotters must be engaged to ensure Koala safety during clearing works. Outside these areas Koala Spotters are not a legal requirement although their employ is industry best practice when listed Koala food trees are present.

Keystone Fauna Management can provide expert Koala Spotters to your clearing operations ensuring you meet your legal obligations under the state and federal legislation. Our team are experts in the identification of listed Koala food trees and ascertaining the presence/absence of Koala through both direct and indirect methods - providing our clients the right information

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