About Keystone Fauna Management

Keystone Fauna Management guarantees safe and holistic wildlife management within Brisbane and Queensland. We specialise in comprehensive fauna spotter catcher services, ecological survey and listed species management.

 We are capable of facilitating projects of any scale or scope - from the assessment of a single tree to large-scale land clearing operations. Our extensive list of work systems have been designed to allow fluidity of process, allowing us to adapt to the unique constraints of differing industries. 


Keystone Fauna Management has two priorities: safety for our staff and clients, and delivering a best practice, ecologically informed, industry leading service. We believe that zero harm in construction is an achievable goal, not a catch-cry. The design and implementation of our work methodologies reflects this belief.


Our staff are fully accredited wildlife experts with long-term experience in the delivery of ecologically focused fauna management. Our teams expertise and experience encompasses terrestrial, aquatic and marine natural systems throughout Australia's varying bioregions.


Our passion for Australia's natural history and unique biodiversity fosters the development of innovative and effective wildlife solutions tailored for your project.



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Thorny Devil Tracks fauna management